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Please feel free to contact our toll free number for support of the IOH products, should the information below not be of assistance.

You can call us TOLL FREE at 1-866-285-4636 - Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm MT.

You can also email us at info@infoonhold.com for a more immediate response.

The IOH7000 Series Manual can be downloaded here.

Some of the new PBX phone systems give off a large amount of radio frequency that can interfere with the loading of a new message into the IOH unit via the internal CD Player. To alleviate this issue, simply remove the IOH Digital Delivery System from the phone room, plug it in to another outlet and place the CD into the system and allow the CD to be recorded into the non-volitle memory of the IOH unit. Once loaded, REMOVE the CD from the IOH unit and replace the unit in it's original installed location. The new production will be loaded and ready for use.


Compatibility Guide for Info On Hold (IOH) x500 Products
(4500,5500, 6500 and 7500 series products )

Revision Update 4/26/05
Info On Hold pro-actively tests their analog music on-hold solutions with currently shipping mainstream analog phones (AT&T, GE, Uniden, Panasonic, Vtech, Bell South, SBC, etc). While there are literally hundreds of analog single and multi-line corded and cordless phone models available in the marketplace, we have found that our analog on-hold solutions (4500, 5500,6500, and 7500) work with the vast majority of them.

Periodically, we find that a few manufacturers, from time to time, may vary their designs significantly from the typical corded phone implementation, and hence our TEHMA solution does not work with these few specific phones.

Please remember that as a default to installing the TEHMA along with the 4500/5500/6500/7500, you can always press “* *” on the phone’s key pad in order to trigger the IOH on-hold message to play, and then press the Hold button.

Info On Hold will do its best to keep this list current and accurate

Phone Models Found To Be Non-compatible:

  • GE 2-9420*
  • AT&T/Lucent 812*
  • AT&T/Lucent 822*
  • AT&T/Lucent 912*
  • AT&T/Lucent 922*
  • Aastra/Meridian 8417*
  • Panasonic KX-TS3282W
  • Panasonic KX-T3120
  • Legacy phones made in the early - to mid -1990s and are rarely found in modern installations.

Where Does the Phone Get Its Power From?

Phone models that rely upon getting their power/voltage solely through the telephone line delivered by the phone company may have power levels that vary greatly or may be too weak, especially depending upon the distance from the phone company's central office.  This may cause unreliable voltage/power necessary to trigger the x500 product or the TEHMA.  The preferred analog phone to use with an IOH x500 product should have its own power adapter source that plugs into a wall electrical outlet for its energy.

Possible Issues

The following phones have been tested and are in successful service in hundreds of locations, however, in circumstances where the line voltage is below the 48 volt standard, these phones may not be able to power the TEHMA properly.

  • AT&T 952
  • AT&T 972

TEHMA Related

Some select analog phone models seem to work better with our older Version 1 TEHMA instead of our currently shipping Version 2 TEHMA.  Here is a partial list of popular analog phone models where this may be the case…

  • GE 2-9450 – Due to reversed wiring in the handset manufacturing, requires a Version 1 TEHMA, with a regular cable; both sides set to B position
  • GE 2-9460 – Due to reversed wiring in the handset manufacturing, requires a Version 1 TEHMA wit a crossover cable; both sides on A position
  • AT&T 954 – Sometimes the currently shipping Version 2 TEHMA, even if set at the lowest possible setting, may still produce an audible tone that can be heard on the phone that the TEHMA has been connected to.  The Version 1 TEHMA may provide greater filtering and will help to eliminate the tone in this circumstance. 

These Version 1 TEHMAs can be made available to our customers, free-of-charge, based on a specific customer application and quantity. 

Panasonic KXTG4000B/2000B –

Issue- occurs when a call is being transferred to voicemail from a live receptionist.  When the transfer occurs the hold music is activated. When the voice mail greeting begins the hold music is not deactivated.

Solution - In order to deactivate the music, the adapter needs to hear a quick beep tone.  When the adapter hears this tone at the beginning of the voice mail greeting, the hold music is deactivated.

The simple fix

Ask for us to email you the tone and then hold the phone close to desktop speaker and play tone prior to recording voice mail message.

Mute Button

  • Pressing mute will block the TEHMA signal and trigger the on-hold audio.  Press any key to deactivate the music for the duration of the call.


  • Activating the speakerphone and hanging up the handset will eliminate the TEHMA signal and trigger the on-hold audio. Press any key to deactivate the music for the duration of the call.
  • When the user first takes the phone off the hook using the handset and then switches to speakerphone, the music will come on.  This is normal operation.  On the other hand, if you answer the phone or place a call using the speakerphone, the TEHMA tone is never recognized and if you put a call on hold from the speakerphone, the person on hold will not hear music.  In this case, if you want to have music on hold, you need to hit ** hold. When you come back on line again, you need to hit any key to shut the music off.


  • The MOH function will not work on lines where DSL is present.

Call Waiting

  • The MOH function does not work with call waiting.  Contact the phone service provider to deactivate the Call Waiting feature.

Cordless Phones

  • For instructions on how to install a TEHMA with a cordless phone, please refer to your x500 User Manual.
  • For a TEHMA to be used with a cordless phone, the user MUST USE A HEADSET.  The TEHMA receives its power via the closed voltage circuit created by installing the TEHMA along with the headset.  If you install the TEHMA, without the headset, the TEHMA will not work, and possibly the handset of the cordless phone will not function properly either.
  • If the user does not want to use a headset, or finds it cumbersome to have the TEHMA and headset installed on the cordless handset, the only available solution is for the user to manually trigger the on-hold message by pressing “* *” on the cordless handset’s key pad, and then pressing the Hold button.

 How the x500 works:

  1. When the phone comes off hook, the IOH Digital Delivery System senses this and connects that line to one of the channels in the IOH unit.
  2. It then listens to that line for presence of the 3750 Hz tone from the TEHMA.
  3. If it hears this, it activates circuitry that then continuously monitors the line and listens for the 3750 Hz tone.
  4. When the hold button is pressed, the handset along with the TEHMA in the handset line is disconnected from the circuit shutting of the 3750 Hz tone.
  5. As soon as the tone is shut off, the circuitry in the MOH 500i detects the 3750 Hz signal is not there and triggers a switch in the circuit to turn the music on.
  6. When the line comes off hold, the handset and TEHMA is reconnected and the 3750 Hz tone is heard again, shutting off the switch and in turn removes the music from the circuit.

* Info on Hold will do its best to keep this list current and accurate


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