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Script Design and Request Form

By providing us with the information below, we can effectively create a customized script for your company. Before you begin, here are a few helpful tips to make your script writing easier.




  • Keep individual topic items SHORT
  • Use easy to understand words and phrases
  • Use phonetic spellings for unfamiliar words
  • Pre-read your script OUT LOUD


  • Tie paragraphs together
  • Make any topic more than 4 lines long
  • Confuse the caller with complex messages
  • Use "shop-talk" terminology
Tips for Writing a GREAT Phone Script:

We will have you approve a final script before we record. Things to remember for a smooth recording:

    • Write the message as if it were being spoken aloud, not read silently.
    • Keep your messages brief and to the point
    • Stress the single most important benefit of your products or services in the beginning of your message.
    • Avoid negative phrases like "we're too busy". They sound insincere and off-putting.
    • The caller should want to leave a message because you sound like a business they want to do business with.
    • Pronunciation Guide: any name or place that has any chance of being pronounced 2 or more ways should be written out phonetically (Sakony could be pronounced Sack own ee or Suck ony. Phonetically spelled out is would be Sa-Cone-ee.)
    • Domain Names: If your domain name has a hyphen in it please indicate in full sentences how you would like it said
      (ie. h-t-t-p-colon-slash-slash-w-w-w dot your hyphen domain Dot com"). Don't make us guess. We guarantee our reads, but if we get something wrong because it was not on the pronunciation guide, we will recharge for corrections.
    • Emphasis: if there is aportion of your script that you would like to emphasized in a certain way, please use bold or italics to give directions (ie. please say this slowly, etc.)